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I am an aspiring small home breeder / exhibitor of Alaskan Klee Kai (AKK).


I fell in love with the breed after seeing it on a National Geographic documentary in 2006.


Our kennel theme revolves around Las Vegas and Nevada where I grew up.  Many of our dogs will have names that have some reference to Las Vegas and the hotels or casinos there. 


It is our desire to make a positve contribution to the future of the breed by working to show and breed dogs which possess good health, conformation to breed standard, great temperament and that are even better than their sire and dam.  I am an advocate of health testing to prevent health concerns in future generations of Alaskan Klee Kai.  I ensure all of my breeding potential dogs are OFA certified for Patella Luxation, Cardiac, and Thyroid as well as CERF/OFA eye testing prior to their Breeding Quality Examination.  Annual retesting is also done to ensure health issues do not develop as the dog matures.  OFA or PennHip Hip exams will be done when dogs are between 2-3 years old. 


I met my first AKK at a UKC dog show where Barbara and Mark Manley of Heart of Texas Alaskan Klee Kai introduced me to showing with one of their dogs.  I have been bitten by the show bug ever since.  Barbara has become a wonderful friend and mentor. She and Mark entrusted me with my first AKK Foxxy.  


Since that time, It has been my hope to obtain excellent examples of the breed from various different breeders to meld their positive qualities to produce a Fusion of XXcellence for the future of my breeding program. 


Special thanks to those breeders who have entrusted their precious fur babies to me.


Barbara and Mark share ownership with Bear and Bally.  They have entrusted me with various others who didn't quite make it into the breeding program and have since been retired.


Virginia Skiby with Naitok Kennels in California have become wonderful friend and mentor.  They have entrusted me with Rio, Mikiah and Cierra.


Eileen Gregory with Alaskan Klee Kai Kennelette in Colorado has also become a very special friend and mentor.  She has entrusted me with Teeko, Tonki, Ritzy, Nayak, Antulke, Tuksiarpok, and Shugnak.  She continues to share her vast experiance and history with the Alaskan Klee Kai with me as well as the rest of the AKK community.  Eileen's daughter Chris who is also part of the original foundation of breeders for this breed is also a wealth of knowledge and a great mentor.


Bette Cook with Huggable Huskies in Oregon has become a very dear friend and mentor.  She is one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet.  She has entrusted me with my very special Brandy, Dori, Mai Tai, Nitro, Neesha, Silver and Chisum.  All of her dogs have a very special, loveable, huggable temperament that I hope to bring forward in future generations in my breeding program.  All of her dogs are very outgoing, confident, and just melt in your arms.


Susan Cain with Skyline Alaskan Klee Kai in Pennsylvania is one of the first breeders I met for this breed.  She has always been a dear frined and mentor.  She has used our stud Bear and has pretty little girl from that breeding.  We have our beautiful Fiesta from Susie as well.


Barb and Alan Wiebelhaus with Wiebelhusky have become great friends and mentors.  They have entrusted us with our gorgeous Tazer.


Barry and Christine McFarland with Tesoro Creek in Houston have become close friends since they moved to Texas and we have shared our gene pools to produce beautiful babies like Ravi, Tasha and Tank.  Always enjoy going to shows with them.


Shari Hebert is another dear friend and mentor who has contributed so much to the breed with her breeding program and dedication to sharing her experiences and knowledge about Chagas disease and research.  Special thanks to her for entrusting me with Trouble, Dixie, and Tabu. 


Jacki Pauley with HOPE has become a very close friend as well and we have shared our gene pools in hopes of advancing the breed.   


I enjoy the experiences I have gained from working with other dedicated breeders like Julie Baker with Keani Reidge, Lisa Crane with UTAKK in Utah, Karin Gartside with Boston, June Demers and Carol Luke with Taylak/Chatelet, Karen Albers with Beach Klee Kai, Janet Dubuque with AKKOPS and Catherine and Gilbert Lingle with Cascade.


Thank you to all the breeders who have made a contribution to our breeding program.  It is clear to me that the vast knowledge which can be shared with breeders working together in a positive way is so important and valuable.  


I hope you enjoy your visit to our site.


Sheila Sweet





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